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The Laos International Power Summit 2017 is an ideal place to share, learn and influence. The organizing committee of the LIPS 2017 welcomes industry expert and professionals to submit papers/ abstract on subjects below. Selected papers will be published and limited speaking slot allocated.

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Submit Deadline: 28th February 2017

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Hydropower Generation and Renewable Energy Project Development

The Lao Government considers hydropower a major priority for the country’s energy sector, and at least 3000 MW of new capacity is currently under construction, to add to more than 3200 MW already in operation. By July this year, the Lao Government had allowed local and foreign companies to invest in a total of 357 hydro projects, which could add 26 147 MW of new capacity. About 50 schemes, totalling around 4000 MW, are currently under implementation; these are intended for domestic supply, and there are more than 20 schemes in the pipeline for power export, totalling around 15 000 MW.

Transmission, Cross-border Power Trading, Pricing and Legal Issues

As the ASEAN Battery, power export is an important driver of Lao economic growth. According to Party Secretary of the Ministry of Energy and Mines Dr Khammany Inthirath, as of as of 2015, Laos has built 38 power plants with generation capacity at 33,315 million kWh annually, among which 79.6 per cent is exported through cross-border transmission power grid. Under the ASEAN Power Grid (APG), Laos is pushing for the acceleration of energy integration to address the imbalance in the distribution of power-generating resources in the region. How to ensure safe, reliable and efficient power transmission in the coming 5-10 years with more power plants planned to be on stream and power export increase remains a key challenge.

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